Animals on the Farm

This week we focused on different animals on the farm. We had special visits from “Toothless” the rabbit and “Bella” the horse. Thank you, Ms. Steph (Nina’s Mom) for helping us to learn interesting facts about these animals and Ms. Marla Flyn for bringing Bella to meet us. We also want to Thank Ms.Savannah (Roman’s Mom) for sharing information about Bee farming. Some of the highlights of the week: swimming and caring for the garden, Stem lessons with Ms. Andrea (how to suck an egg in a bottle), making pancakes and honey bunnies, learning to gallop (with horse masks), and going on an imaginary bike ride. 

We are ready for Summer!!

Our Summer extension program is off to a great start. The children are learning about animals on a farm. We are discussing the care and work that is required to raise an animal and food that comes from different animals. The photos shown represent Work Time, Art, STEM, Gym, and Swimming. These opportunities are offered each week. Next week we will be adding baking.