Week in Action

Classroom 1 РThis week we started our study of birds and flowers. Below you will see pictures of children exploring parts of a flower, types of flowers, spring flowers, bird characteristics, and parts of a bird. Also, we have been working on our end-of-the-year art-integrated project by looking at a coral reef biome and the animals that live there. 

Classroom 2 – This week our students finished the study of ocean animals and started their end-of-the-year art-integrated project on “Rainforests” and the animals that live on each layer.

Classroom 3 – Our class has started its year-end Arts integration project on “Ancient Egypt”. The children are working hard to create and research interesting facts about pharos, the pyramids, and animals of the Desert.

Week in Action

Classroom 1 – This week we continued our study of Australia, farms, fruits, and vegetables. Below you will see pictures of children exploring Australia, sequencing fruits, and farm animals in Spanish, and where things come from on a farm. Also, identifying tuber, stalk, and root vegetables.

Classroom 2 – Our class continued studying Australia and the animals of the ocean. Children got presentations on the characteristics of a shark and whale, layers of the ocean – animals on each layer of the ocean, and characteristics and types of crustaceans. The story of the sea turtle and their journey of life was loved by all. Students also enjoyed working on their ‘Dot-Art-Fish’.

Classroom 3 – As you can see in the photos the children worked very hard this week. They enjoyed watching the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis, dissecting a flower to learn about its parts and so much more.