Week in Action

Classroom 1 – Students continued their study of volcanoes and did their own eruption experiments. They were also excited to get hands-on experience with Van Gogh’s art and created dinosaur skeletons out of pasta. Nikolaj and Dhathri celebrated their birthday with the class as well.

Classroom 2 – The class continued their study of birds with an intrduction to characteristics of an owl, and the different kinds of owls. They were also introduced to magnets and classification of magnetic and non magnetic materials. Below you will find pictures of them working on various shelf materials available to them.

Classroom 3 – This week the class finished the study of Antarctica. The children did a blubber experiment, painted with ice, and learned the parts of a penguin. On Thursday they were introduced to the Continent of Asia. The class learned about plants and animals that are common to Asia

Week In Action

Classroom 1 – This week we continued our study of Europe, volcanoes, and dinosaurs. Below you will see pictures of children continuing to explore parts of Europe, tracing dinosaurs, learning about paleontology, making fossils, exploring the rock layers and elements, creating a volcano, and exploring volcanoes from around the world. 

Classroom 2 – Students continued to study Europe and explored Italy, France, and Holland’s culture, food, flag, landmarks, and inventions. In the pictures below you will find them comparing the beaks of different birds with tools, matching birds with their eggs, learning about Mccaw and Ostrich, and exploring other birds that can not fly. They also enjoyed fork painting the ‘Starry Night’ and flowers.

Classroom 3 – ┬áThe children loved exploring the materials this week. Below you will see lake/Island landforms, circle tray, greater than/ less than, making bubbles, sentence to picture, Antarctica animals, bell matching, parts of a root, rhyme cards, fractions, 1-9 counting, color grading, tong transfer (Antarctica), and watercolor painting.

Week in Action

Classroom 1 – This was an exciting week for the children. We started our study of volcanoes and dinosaurs. Below you will see pictures of children exploring Europe, types of dinosaurs, what dinosaurs eat, dinosaur skeletons and bones, parts of a volcano, building a volcano, and exploring the ring of fire.

Classroom 2 – This week students explored the castles, inventions, culture, and flag of Germany. They learned how to roll out and make pretzels. The class also had presentations on different kinds of birds and birds of prey – ‘Raptors’. Below you will see students working on those materials along with some of the math, language, sensorial and practical life work.

Classroom 3 – The children worked very hard this week in all areas of the classroom. You can see the children building words, identifying capital letters, counting a chain to 100, counting quantities to 9, making a calendar of January, learning to use the zipper frame, playing a dinosaur game, and retrieving a dinosaur from an ice egg.

Week in Action

Classroom 1 – Students are studying Europe – creating a ‘Castle’, trying on Dutch Clogs, and matching Pysanky Eggs. They are exploring a puzzle map of Europe, plants/animals of Europe – living/non-living of Europe, and animals of winter. Some of the shelf work that children were found exploring included characteristics of a reptile, parts of a turtle, dot marker painting, snowflake symmetry, tong transfer, and pouring in practical life.

Classroom 2 – Students in the classroom got a presentation on Europe, the puzzle map of Europe, Birds, and the Characteristics of a bird. They spent the week reviewing lessons, practicing scissor skills, and enjoying some outdoor time.

Classroom 3 – Students in the classroom were engaged in the study of Dinosaurs. They had lessons on types of dinosaurs, story writing, sorting dinosaurs, and using salt water to remove the dinosaur from a frozen state. They also spent their work cycle creating a snowman, and building language-math skills (word-building and number sequence).