Week – 9 Work Cycle

Happy Birthday Jakhari
Happy Birthday Jakob
Place Value and Quantity with Golden Bead
Water Transfer
Landforms – Island/Lake
Piet Mondrian Art
Sort the colors
Build words with a Movable Alphabet
Sort the shapes
Kind of Amphibians
Number – Quantity
Tracing the map
Life Cycle of a Frog
Building patterns with Brown Stairs and Pink Tower
Parts of a Frog
Number and Quantity
100 Board
Match Geometric Solids
50 Board
Matching Letter Sounds to Objects
Match Number to Quantity
Hieroglyphics Tracing
Egyptian Symbols
Matching Color Tablets

Week – 8 Practical Life

Practical life in a Montessori classroom covers two main areas of development – ‘care for self’ and ‘care for the environment. The curriculum provides a purposeful activity, that develops motor control, coordination, concentration, and develops a sense of independence and responsibility to self and environment.

Preparing Snack
Working on a Zipper Frame
Transfering with a Spoon
Transfering with Tongs
Practicing Handwashing
Opening and Closing different Locks on the Lock Box
Transfering with a Funnel
Water transfer with a Sponge
Dish Washing
Transfering with a Ladle
Transfering with a Tong
Silver Polishing
Working on a Buckle Frame
Finger Transfer of Pegs

Week 6 – Classroom Lessons

Happy Birthday Serene and Augusta
Exploring Africa
Phases of the Moon
Biomes of Africa
Marble Art
Making Constellations
Australian Animals
Circle tray Lesson
Dot Art
Listening to a Didgeridoo
Classification of Animals Air- Land – Water
Working on the Pink Tower
Making Moon Phases

Week 3 – August 22 – 26

The students have settled into their daily routine. They are getting individual, small group and large group lessons. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Making their Constellations
Sun in a Bottle
Layer of the Earth
Layers of the Earth